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Black Bear Hunting, Saskatchewan

There is an excellent population of HUGE black and colored bears, and much of our area has never been hunted before! We take archery, rifle and muzzleloader hunters. Our spring trips also include fishing and if your an avid golfer, golfing can be arranged at a nearby course.  www.northernmeadows.com.

You may see magnificent wildlife during your stay with Pierceland Outfitters such as moose, caribou, squirrels, wolves and otters - just to name a few! Birds you may see include Canada Geese, ducks, grouse, eagles and our friendly Whiskey Jacks! (don't let your guard down while eating in your stand or a WJ might steal your meal right from your hands!)

How does this sound for a "tough" day?

After a hearty northern-style breakfast you must make a choice: accompany one of the guides checking and replenishing baits, or hang-out at the base camp swapping stories, checking equipment and just relaxing and un-winding.

To hell with the outside world, this is YOUR special world for a whole week.. Mid-afternoon, after a delicious snack, you head into the forest with your guide. After seeing that you are comfortable in your treestand, he leaves. The forest becomes the most significant thing in your life. You feel yourself becoming the center of a much smaller world. A world that extends as far as your vision, and as far away as your hearing can catch sounds. Every sound is analyzed and registered. Every flitting movement is significant, causing you to lock on that area for a few moments. Sitting a few yards from an active bear bait has a tendency to sharpen one's senses.

As the hours progress you become comfortable with this spot. Squirrels chatter, ravens flap overhead, a mouse makes a surprising amount of noise in the dead leaves as it moves directly below your stand. Just knowing that the cook has sent along a lunch bag forces you to slowly remove it from your knapsack. As you silently open it for a treestand feast, you lean back and have to grin. This is good, real good. Hunting bears over bait has to be experienced to be appreciated.

You have no intention of just shooting a bear - you have a size or color-phase objective that demands just the right animal. Your heart pounds as the first bear approaches and warily works at the bait. Don't worry, after a dozen or so encounters you will learn to use the smaller bears as sentinels and entertainment. They somehow know when other bears are approaching and you quickly learn to read their body language. Each time they react you get ready - this could be the big one!

Have you ever dreamed of hunting virgin territory? Of being the first serious hunter to experience the game and excitement in an area that hasn't been worked over time and again. That opportunity is rare nowadays. Serious black bear hunters want two things - big and colors. Big, heavy, large-skulled bears that score up in the B&C measuring system and blondes, chocolates, and cinnamon's that make exceptional rugs and mounts.

Anyone who hunts bears knows that it takes several years for a bear to get big - as in BIG. We are talking 300 pounds and up in the spring, 400 pounds and up in the fall. Heavily hunted populations just don't produce really big old boars. They don't live long enough to get the "belly-to-the-ground" look. The same goes for color-phase bears. If an area is heavily hunted the first bears to get shot will be the colored ones.

There is only one way to experience this - come up for a Pierceland Outfitters bear hunt!

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