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Trophy Moose Hunting in Saskatchewan, Canada

You haven't seen a LARGE animal until you've seen a MONSTER Saskatchewan Moose.  

We offer a limited number of hunts per year.

As dawn arises the early morning fog changes colors in coils and sheets. Golden highlights and dusky shadows move slowly with the breeze. Silence is total - for a tiny moment the forest is entirely still. Your head pounds, listening for that sound. Then the ducks, ravens, squirrels and other forest creatures destroy the moment with a wide variety of raucous sounds. A flight of teals swish overhead, and somewhere far off a beaver slaps the water with his tail.

Suddenly within the multitude of early morning sounds a deep, short grunt adds to the confusion. You shudder, shaking your head to confirm that you really did hear it. When you make eye contact with your guide you are immediately assured - he is grinning broadly. Pinching his nose he returns a set of plaintiff nasal moans that only a lusty bull moose could find attractive. Several minutes pass and you are on full alert.  "COME ON - BIG BOY!" you think to yourself.

A stick cracks in the forest. After what seems like an eternity your guide lets go another set of plaintiff moans. Suddenly more sticks crack as a grunting monster moves in your direction. Although more excited than fearful, you are pleased to be sitting securely in the aluminum canoe. This bull is close and he sounds cranky. As the guide pours water from a pail into the lake, you see movement in the heavy cover. There is only one way to experience the excitement of calling in rutting bull moose - that is being there. Pierceland Outfitters will put you in the right place, at the right time - to find out for yourself how big our moose are.

Member of the Saskatchewan Outfitters Association