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June 17, 2013- Just doing some work in the office today, year end time!! Tyler was busy laying new flooring in the lodge kitchen last night. Looking good! Kids just finished up their sports and another couple weeks until schools out. Looking forward to doing some camping with our cook Chrissy at the end of the month. She is always a good time! 

May 15, 2013-I have to apologize for not keeping up on the blog. I will try and fill in the blanks with what we have been up to.We had a very busy Winter our oldest boy foster started hockey this past season. Things started out a bit rough but by the end of the year he was loving it.

My dad and I teamed up on the trap lines this past season as well.....we bagged 20 Fisher, 10 Lynx, 3 Mink, a couple Beaver and a Martin. Managed to get up to the Muskeg Lake cabin a couple times over the Winter months as well.

Spring came a bit later than usual this year. Foster has now started playing Lacrosse and Cody is in Soccer......needless to say Kara is on the road a little bit running after the boys.

Started baiting the bears the last weekend in April. There is a lot of activity at the baits. Hoping some of the big boys on camera show up while the hunters are in stands. Check the picture gallery for updated pictures.

November 03, 2012-Week 1 went well! shot some nice deer! Be sure to check out the 2012 Whitetail Gallery. Kara and I Would like to thank all they guys for coming up! Nick, Jack, Jerry, Bob S., Garry, Dave, George, Donny, and Bob T. Looking forward to week 2 the bucks are starting get fired up!

September 06, 2012- Cody, Donkey (dog) and myself went out and checked some more cameras this evening, found another big boy out there. Posted them on gallery. Keep watching for more pics.

September 05, 2012- Things are looking pretty good for Whitetail already this year. Checked out a few trail cams last night with my buddy and old guide Jeremy. Pretty pumped about what we caught on the camera. We posted some pictures up in the gallery, take a look!

August 22, 2012- The evenings are sure getting cooler! It won't be long and Whitetail season will be here!! Starting to get things lined up and prepping for things. Can't wait to see what's running around the bush this year!!

 May 22, 2012- A good May long weekend. Hit the baits again, lot's of Bear action, even at the cabin. Good thing for bear boards. Countdowns on, first group arrives Monday.

May 10, 2012- Can't wait for tommorow to come. Heading back up to Muskeg to do some baiting. Kara's running into Edmonton for the weekend, me and the boys will see what kinda trouble we can get into up there. Supposed to be nice weather.

May 07, 2012- Just got home from up North. Things are looking good. Roads are in good shape, always a bonus this time of the year. All the baits hit. Had a awesome weekend, whole family came up and we got lots accomplished. My 2 boys had a great time baiting. Check out the Bear trail cam pictures.

April 27, 2012- Time is here! Started the bear baits last week. Hitting them again on the weekend and hopefully get some trail cams up to see what kind of brutes we can catch on camera. Weathers been pretty warm until the last few days, having a Spring snow/rain. Thats all right to though, the wetter it is the more interesting pre baiting gets. Keep you posted!

February 8, 2012- Been a crazy busy winter. Plugging away in the oilfield and spending time with the family any chance I get. Heading up to Muskeg for the weekend to get away and do a little work up there. Hopefully get a change to take Kara and the kids skidooing on Saturday afternoon also. Looking forward to it. Weather has been amazing this winter. It has been unbelievably mild and hardly any snow. Starting to plan and get excited for our bear hunters. Can't believe Spring is not that far off!

December 19, 2011- Hit the trap line Saturday morning. No wolves yet, 1 good size lynx at Carrnage Corner though. Weathers been pretty mild so far. Not much for snow. Lets hope it stays that way. 6 more days till Christmas, looking foraward to kicking back a bit!

December 08, 2011- We had a great Whitetail season yet again! Already can't wait for next year. Lots of great people in camp, amazing cooking done by Chris and Donna, and a whole lot of deer down. As always, our guides did a fantastic job. We are very lucky to have the guys we do. 

Joe and Charlie, never a dull moment with you guys....missed having your wing man, Mike Cierlitsky in camp. Look forward to having you back up next year buddy! New faces,  Mike, Chris, and Keith, good bunch of guys. A shout out to Chris's wife, your one lucky guy! Congrats again on your new baby. 

Always a treat having our energetic husband- wife combo, Brian and Jenny, in camp. Bucky, always a good time having you around, great to see you again! The Marriotti crew made it up for there 4th consecutive year, a great crew. Props to Mike Kicos, who made the trek up to Sask by himself and a big thanks to Rob for sending him our way.

We had a new group from Maine come check things out, another great bunch of guys! We are looking forward to having you back next year!

Jim Benton was down for quick hunt, too bad you couldn't stay longer buddy! New face Jimmy Bevins made the trek up, hope to see you again! Steve, Terry, Billy....always a treat! Billy, I will remind you next year about the Red Man.

Things are winding down on the homefront, shut down the cabin last week and Kara will be busy doing laundry for the next month. Hope to get back up there during the holidays and kick back a little.

We have started taking books for 2012, lot's of interest. Don't miss out if your interested, give us a call!

Take good care everyone!!    TP

Nov 12, 2011- Another amazing week! Great to see Bert Cahill, have not seen him since the show in Harrisburg. Always nice to have Mike Kush in camp, the toughest hunter I know. John Casner got a great deer with his bow! Dave Holtzman hunted moose with us in 2010, good to have you back. Bob Taylor was up for his second year in a row, nice to see him again. Lots of new faces in camp, Joe, Theodore(ski), Ted, Sammy, Garry, Chuck, Billy, and Jim. Thanks to all the hunters for that came the second week. Dave, Ted, Chuck, and myself hit the trapline on Friday, caught 1 fisher and set some new traps for wolves and Lynx. Nice to see everyone came back with all their fingers. 

 Nov 6, 2011- The Whitetail deer season is in full swing. Had a great first week! Would like to thank all the hunters for a great start to the season. We had a great groups in both the Home Camp and the North Camp. Nick & Jack, 21 years in a row, that is amazing. Always a pleasure to have there group in camp. Bob Sanna, 11 years with us, 4 year Vet Harvey Capullo. Had some new faces in camp as well Jerry Siccardi, Dan Hannula, and Joe Kollross always nice to meet new people. Also got a chance to hang out with master trapper Dan Davis. This Blog is dedicated to Matt Burdick. Looking forward to the weeks to come!

May 03, 2011- Suns shining in Saskatchewan.....bear baits are looking really good. Had the trail cameras out and we will have some pictures up shortly. Our vetran guide Dave Mykutuk should be arriving next week to give me a hand. Looking forward to having one of our very loyal hunters, Jim Morris and his group, up for another hunt!

Jan 5, 2011- Happy New Year! Well we survived another year! I will heading down to the Eastern Sportsmen Show in Harrisburg, PA. Feb 8th to 11th. I will be at Jim Benton's exhibit "Chambered For The Wild". Hope to see you there.

Dec 25, 2010- Merry Christmas Everyone! Foster and Cody are having a blast with the new toys that Santa brought for them. I also will have fun with my new toys. Hope everyone enjoys the time spent with family and friends. I would also like to wish all the best in the New Year!

Dec 13, 2010- Hit the trap line today! Caught a big black wolf. That was all I had in the traps today, maybe more next time. Finally finished the kids rink. The boys went for their first skate on it today, they were very excited to get on the skates. Then we went to Canadian Tire and bought a couple of hockey sticks. I also started playing hockey again after a year off, little rusty on the blades.

 Dec 02, 2010- Well, we are all done for the Deer season! Hard to beleive it is over already. We had another great year! Kara and I would like to thank everyone that came up and hunted with us. Also, we want to thank our great staff for all there hard work. We had 100% success this season and looks like next year will be just as promising.

Oct 1, 2010- Just got back from Moose and Bear hunt. I would like to thank Dave and John again for coming up for the hunt. We got into the moose the first 2 days. John and myself seen 3 bulls the first day of the hunt and Dave and Arlie seen 5 the 2nd day. We got one down the first day, it was close to one of our bear baits so we decided to get the moose out that night. Got back to camp at 1:00 am and ate dinner. Then on the 3rd day John tagged a huge 7 foot, 500 lb+ black bear. It is a good thing we had the Hagglund and Argo(Arlie trusts his life with his Argo), it was as wet as I have seen up at the hunting area. Can't wait for next years archery Moose Hunt. 

Next on the list is start baiting for deer.

Sept 7, 2010- Well we had a great Bear Hunt. The guys took some nice bears with only 3 days of hunting, 2 of them in the rain. Want to say thanks again to Hal, Jim, Ed, and David for coming up for the hunt. Always a pleasure to have you guys in camp. Hope to see you back next year.

Sept 1, 2010- Topped up the Bear Baits today. Hunters will be in camp Friday. Also put out a few more trail camera's for deer. After the Bear hunt I will be heading up to moose camp to take supplies in, and make sure all the boats are in working order. We start moose hunting on the 24th of Sept. Every year I get super excited for the archery Moose hunt. Make sure to keep checking for updated photo's to follow the hunts.

June 8, 2010- Thanks again to Caroline and Kerry for popping in for a last minute Bear hunt. Only took Caroline 4 hours to get her Bear with a cross bow. Great to have such a young avid hunter in camp. Also, good to have Ben back in camp. Cody misses you. Hope to see you again next year!

May 29, 2010- Well we had a great bear hunt. Phil Kozak of "The Rule TV" got his great Black Bear the 2nd day of the hunt. Ben also from "The Rule" arrowed his 1st ever Black Bear the 3rd day. Both of the Bears were good size Black Bear. 

We also went over to Wayne Witzaney's for a Russian Boar Hunt and Phil bagged a great Russian Boar. I would like to thank Phil and Ben for coming up. We had a real exciting time on both the Bear and Russian Boar hunt.


May 25, 2010- Tyler headed up to the Muskeg Camp today with our Bear hunters. Hoping to fit a little fishing in also...our brother in law was out yesteday on the river and they pulled a couple 10lb Walleye out. Hope it warms up for the guys as they were just in Florida before they arrived. I guess that's May for ya in Saskatchewan.


May 18th, 2010- Went baiting bear yesterday, seen 4 bear. Posted some new pictures on the bear photo gallery. Lots of bear coming into the baits should be a great hunt.


May 17, 2010- We are excited to have our new website up and running just in time for Bear Season. Tyler has been keeping busy doing work on the cabin up at Muskeg and baiting. Kids had the chance to see some Bears with Dad the other day as they went for a ride to bait... they thought that was pretty exciting. We have been having some beautiful weather, hoping for no snowy suprises in the next couple weeks.



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