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About Pierceland Outfitters

Pierceland Outfitters is owned and operated by Tyler and Kara Pikowicz. Pierceland Outfitters has been ran by the Pikowicz family for over 30 years. Tyler and Kara took over the business in 2009.

Pierceland Outfitters Hunting Areas

The Whitetail allocated area is 243 sq. miles ( 155,520 acres)
The Black Bear allocated area is 315 sq. miles ( 201,600 acres)
The Moose hunting area is Game Management Zone (GMZ) 69

Our Whitetail Deer hunting areas are located near Pierceland along the Alberta border and also up at our cabin at Muskeg Lake which is about fifty miles north. We also hunt bear at Muskeg Lake. Our Moose hunts are at Bib Lake as well as our Moose/ Bear combo hunt.

We hunt in beautiful mixed forest, with continuous stands of aspen, birch, pine and spruce. About 25% of the total area has been logged, opening up excellent areas to spot wildlife. In addition oil and gas exploration has created a network of roads that provides access for trucks and ATV's. Whitetail hunting is in Meadow Lake Provincial Park, where no logging has taken place. The area has many lakes and ponds and provides superb habitat for deer and other wildlife.

Species of Game and Wildlife in Our Area

Whitetail Deer Red Squirrels Red Fox
Black Bear Beaver Coyotes
Moose Mink Otter
Timber Wolves Weasels  


Weather during our spring black bear season is usually very moderate, with warm spring days and cool evenings. We expect showers during the hunts, and even occasional cold conditions that result in frost and light snow. Our moose hunts take place during the peak of the autumn beauty, with warm days and frosty nights. Rain can occur but we usually have great fall weather.

Whitetail deer hunting takes place in early winter. Since Saskatchewan winters tend to vary greatly we can only promise that you might experience a range from mild, near freezing conditions to lots of snow and cold. Temperatures range into the minus twenties but we can easily dress for that.

Hunting Equipment

4x4 extended cab, and crew cab trucks, Assorted boats, canoes & motors, 4x4 quads (ATV's)




Member of the Saskatchewan Outfitters Association